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Lonely Planet have put together a great article on the top 10 volcanic experiences in Ecuador. At number 1 they list Quito a city which is ideally situated for exploring the highlights of Ecuador, the city is currently located by an active volcano. Taking the tram up to 4000 meters you can be sure to spot some fascinating views.

Number 2 – Cotopaxi

Located in the Andes, the Cotopaxi volcano rises to a height of 19,347 feet above sea level. The Cotopaxi, which means “neck of the moon”, is one of the highest active volcanoes in the world. With the last recorded eruption occurring as far back as 1904 the mountains are now very popular with climbers. Climbing the mountain takes about 6-7 hours and an incredible view can be enjoyed for those who manage to get to the top.

Number 3 – Salvador island’s lava fields

This location takes you to the Galapagos Salvador Island where you can find age-old lava crusted into shallow pools, caves and geological swirls. Stunning creatures like the lightfoot crabs populate the pools adding vibrant colour to the landscape.

Number 4 – Hot springs at Baños

Thermal pools in the jungle, Baños is the perfectly location to visit bathhouses to soothe in the most fresh health giving materials.

Number 5 – Quilotoa crater lake

Explore a bottomless crater as you look down from the watch tower or walk around the crater which is 6 hours walk in total. Canoe’s can be hired to explore the mouth of the volcano.

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