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“Extraordinarily unspoilt & truly unforgettable”

Antarctica is our 5th largest continent on earth & ironically the least populated- with a population of zero! However during the “summer” months November to February only around 20,000 tourists will be able to land on this truly amazing & unique place on earth. This continent is 58 times bigger than the UK & the Ross Ice Shelf on its own is bigger than France. Really interesting is that this continent has no countries & no portions of it are owned by any country. Incredible statistics & facts about a truly incredible place.

Visitors can expect to have 24 hours daylight, see a huge variety of wildlife & see the most stunning ice bergs & glaciers. As the season to visit is so short early booking is strongly advised.. Visiting Antarctica is an expedition, a trip of a lifetime & certainly unforgettable.

Ice Bergs

The icebergs around Antarctica provide stunning photo opportunities. These icebergs are made of freshwater ice that has fallen from the edge of glaciers. Icebergs can be massive & generally what you can see is a small portion of the total iceberg- with anything from 50-99% beneath the surface.

The biggest known iceberg broke free from the Ross ice shelf in 2000- it was 183 miles long by 23 miles wide- with a surface area of 4,250 square miles & 10 times bigger underneath!! The blue colours & shapes will be different for each iceberg.

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