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“Madagascar… Waiting to be discovered”

Exotic Landscape

The landscape of Madagascar is diverse and varied. Ranging from wide open savannah’s to dense virgin rainforest, pristine white beaches and stunning coral reefs. This country is unspoilt and undiscovered.

Unique Wildlife

With over 50 species of lemur, 316 endemic reptile species, birds, flora and fauna, most of which is endemic to Madagascar, wildlife viewing here is effortless. Madagascar is home to the world’s biggest (and smallest) chameleons and the elephant bird – the largest bird that ever lived

Best time to visit?

Madagascar has five distinct climates zones. Broadly speaking, Madagascar lies in the Southern Hemisphere with a tropical climate. Expect dry winter months from April to October and wetter and hotter summer months from December to March. Whale watching season is from July to September when humpback whales come into the St Marie channel to mate and give birth.

Regions of Madagascar


Central Valley National Parks

North – Diego Suarez & Joffreville


Beach areas


East & the Pangalanes

Berenty & Fort Dauphin


Morondava & The West


Getting There

Getting About

When to Visit

Itinerary Ideas

Classic Itinerary

Bird Watching Itinerary

Adventure Itinerary

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