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“Argentina – “Stunningly diverse & cosmopolitan”

Exotic Landscape

Argentina’s extraordinary natural wonders are largely untouched and its enormous latitude span gives it a dramatically varied landscape, from the northern tropics to the snow capped mountains and glaciers in the south. The Pampas are perhaps Argentina’s best known landscape due to the legendary gauchos (cowboys) that lived and worked in this region as well as it being the most important region for the cattle industry. Argentina is an astonishingly diverse country, you can be in the north in a tropical climate and later the same day be in the Glacier National Park in the very south of the country.

Unique Wildlife

With 40 national parks and nature reserves, containing everything from waterfalls to glaciers, wildlife and bird watching in Argentina is fantastic. For many people the main draw will be towards the south of the country and to the windswept plains of Patagonia. In the east is Peninsula Valdes, which is home to a myriad of marine life including Magellanic penguins, Elephant seals and Southern right whales. Extensions to Antarctica adds a unique experience that will take you to the most remote places on earth with amazing wildlife.

Regions of Argentina



Iguazu Falls




Buenos Aires


The Lake District

Perito Moreno & Los Glaciares National Parl / El Calafate

Peninsula Valdes / Trelew

Tierra del Fuego / Ushuaia



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