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Am back from yet another wonderful trip to Cuba.. AND I missed all the snow everyone was texting me about!! There was not a sign of it o my return so wonder if it was all a joke!! This was a quick week’s holiday so was primarily to relax & get some sun. Varadero beach is so lovely & again this year we had the pelicans bobbing by, a few feet from our sun loungers!! Bless them..

Many people slat Varadero beach because it is very touristy – but my thoughts on this is that yes there are a lot of hotels but at least Cubans live in this area. If you go out to one of the Cayos– like Cayo largo, Santa Maria, Ensenachos etc you are in a hotel & no Cuban communities around. The staff are brought in to work then go home every so often for a few days. At least in Varadero you can go out to local restaurants & Cuban nightclubs- if you want to.

Even though I only went for a week I had to have at least 1 night in Havana– which was my last night on this trip. It is such an amazing city & I love it. It really is like stepping back in time with all the old cars & buildings. This time I had dinner @ the Hostal Valencia Paella restaurant- it was lovely & the vegetarian paella was really tasty.. See they are even catering more for us difficult vegetarians- who also don’t eat fish!! Things really are changing.

Well it was too short a trip & I cannot wait to go back in February- for 2 weeks. This time hitting Santiago de Cuba, Havana for 5 nights – cant wait for that & finishing @ the beach for 5 nights before coming back to the cold – oh & work!!! ..

I cannot stress enough how people need to visit this amazing island before the American mass tourist market start to arrive & with it their demand for MacDonald’s, KFC etc..

If you are thinking about a trip to Cuba please do not hesitate to contact me any time! You can also request our full e-brochure for Cuba which contains a wealth of information about Cuba locations, hotels and activities.

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