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I can only describe my first visit to Peru as amazing and I would not hesitate to classify it as one of the world’s ‘must see’ destinations. Initially I had no idea what to expect from Peru but I’m happy to say it surpassed all of my expectations; I absolutely loved it and found the rich cultural history fascinating.

My favourite Peruvian city is Cusco, in fact I loved it so much I wish I could have spent longer there. The history behind this city is fascinating, the city itself being laid out in the shape of a Puma with the zigzag configuration of the outer walls being the Puma’s teeth. My visit to Machu Picchu certainly lived up to it’s mystical reputation and is one of the most amazing places I have ever visited, any trip to Peru would not be complete without visiting this abandoned city. In addition to trips to Colca Canyon, the world’s deepest canyon and the floating Uros Islands in Lake Titicaca are a must.

Peru has charming coastal deserts, majestic Andean Mountains and the tropical Amazon Rainforest for visitors to explore. In my opinion the real Peru is best experienced on a tailor-made itinerary rather than compromising by being part of a large group and after visiting this wonderful country I would encourage anyone thinking of visiting Peru to take the opportunity.

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