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This time next week I will be frantically finishing off all my work so I fly out to San Jose, Costa Rica & forget about work for the next 12 days.. that is the theory anyway!!

When I say “fly out” this is said with optimism as we fly Heathrow to Miami with BA. So let’s hope they do not go on strike & affect my flight!! Surely they know I am travelling & will not wish to upset me? !! :]

I have been selling & visiting Costa Rica for nearly 13 years now & I do think I deserve a “proper” holiday there.. This means not moving areas every other day & visiting numerous hotels to look longingly at their gorgeous swimming pools!!

Last year I was technically having a holiday but I moved around too much & still inspected lots of hotels. I think I took 6 domestic flights- all @ ridiculously early times. So this year I will be strict with myself & completely enjoy the hotels I stay with. I have obviously chosen some of my favourite hotels. The order is not perhaps ideal but I am there over high season Easter so cannot complain!! I start with one of the most amazing places to stay- in the world- Casa Corcovado Jungle Lodge.

Then to Arenal Volcano– which I missed out last year for the first time ever!! Here I will stay @ the Kioro– my favourite hotel mainly due to the en site hot springs. I used to go to this property & recommend it to clients when it was juts a tented restaurant. At that time the lava flow was directly in from of the property & there was no where better to see & hear it. But the lava flow moved round not long after the hotel was built & now for the first time since 1968 it has been quiet (I don’t want to use the word dormant) for the last few weeks. But nobody worry I will get it sorted out when I am there & lava flow will be restored!! Well I did visit Sri Lanka & the day I left the problems with the Tamil Tigers was resolved..

After sorting out Arenal Volcano we head to Manuel Antonio & the El Parador Hotel. 4 nights in the same hotel – the first time ever on a trip to Costa Rica & I cannot wait!!! The swimming pools at the El Parador are lovely & the views absolutely stunning.. Here my best friend will be the sun lounger!!

Well I hope you do not miss me too much.. you all have Easter & the Royal wedding to occupy you.. maybe I will get up at 4am Costa Rica time to see the wedding- lets just see how I feel & if it is on @ the El Parador Hotel..

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