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Morondava & The West

The west of Madagascar is still relatively undiscovered and offers a dry climate, deciduous forest and sandy beaches.. If you want to experience this type of location, head to Morondava & The West. Here you will find towering limestone pinnacles known as Tsingy, which create an unusual lunar-like landscape. This is also home to the Kirindy Forest, one of the last age-old dense and dry forests remaining in Madagascar, many different Lemurs and 100 different bird species.

The Avenue of the Baobabs is 45 minutes from Morondava – get there just before sunset or sunrise for wonderful photographs. Swimming in the sea off the west coast, although safe, is a bizarre experience because of the reddish brown colour of the water. This is due to the deforestation as the eroded hillsides are discharged into the sea at times of heavy rain.

Relais Du Kirinidy

Le Soleil des Tsingy

Palissandre Cote Quest