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East & the Pangalanes

The Pangalanes
This enormous stretch of smooth water goes on for 665kms (it starts north of Tamatave and goes down to Farafangana in the south). A multitude of lakes and natural lagoons are seen all along the canal. It is the primary North/South transportation route and allows the local villagers to carry their goods safely along the coast. You will also see deserted beaches and scattered forests with many orchids and traveller’s trees as well as many birds along the canal.

Perinet / Andasibe
Situated in the province of Toamasina between 930m and 1040m of altitude the reserve is a complex of protected areas that can be visited individually or by groups:
La Réserve Spéciale d’Indri is a reserve especially for the Indri Indri Lemur and also contains other species as well as great Flora. The Vakona Reserve is a private reserve owned by Vakona Forest Lodge and includes Lemur Island which is a great opportunity to get up close to Lemurs in a natural setting.

Palmarium Lodge

Mantadia Lodge

Andasibe Lemurs Lodge

Vakona Lodge