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Xandari Resort And Spa

The Xandari story started long before the Kerala connection – it was a piece of paradise in Costa Rica, built by architect Sherrill Broudy who had a lifetime of experience and skill, and brought alive by his wife Charlene who added vibrant art, sculpture, ceramics and colour to the visual pallette. Along with them, the idea grew on with attentive design, green thumbed gardeners and a network of services by the local community that surrounds Xandari. Travelers who came in the early 90s, return every year to a place that is both familiar and at the same time constantly renewing itself. New ideas for energy efficiency, recycling and minimising usage of plastic have been implemented over the years. The farm and the orchard have now become the main source for raw ingre- dients in the kitchen. The coffee from this region is world renowned and you can take one of our bags home as well.