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Colca Canyon

Visit the amazing Colca Canyon, which at its deepest is more than 3,400 metres deep (the Grand Canyon is 1,800 metres at its deepest). You definitely need to stay overnight to see the most impressive sights. After leaving Arequipa you will drive to the Reserva Nacional Salinas y Aquada Blanca which covers a total area of 367,000 hectares and is at an average elevation of 3,850 metres. Here you will see small groups of Vicuna, animals which are similar to llamas and alpaca but their fleeces are very fine and strong which makes it very expensive and sought after. All wildlife in the National Park is protected and hunting is illegal.

The scenery is amazing, especially the Inca terraces that are still used today by the farmers. A highlight is a visit to the Cross of the Condor, where there are great views of the river 1,200 metres below with Mount Misti on the other side of the canyon. The condors will swoop gracefully up from underneath the cliff. It is an amazing thing to see, as these birds are huge.

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