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“Just 5 hours from Havana, Trinidad is an ideal place to combine a beach, country and city holiday.”

Trinidad, a town on the Caribbean coast, is exceptionally well preserved, with fine examples of colonial architecture and cool green courtyards. It is now, quite rightly, a World Heritage site. The richness of the architecture reflects the fact that it was once a wealthy city known for its trade in gold, sugar and slaves. The lovely cobblestone streets (flat shoes advised, voice of experience here!) and the beautifully painted houses are a living museum that the 21st century has left untouched.

There is a great bar to visit just down the road from the museums called the Casa de la Trova, perfect for mixing and dancing with the Cuban people. Trinidad is ideally located to explore the beautiful, wooded Escambray Mountains with its crystal clear pools, waterfalls, coffee plantations and exotic birdlife. In addition, the nearby Ancon Beach is a beautiful place great for snorkelling and diving.

Iberostar Grand Trinidad

Mystique Trinidad