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Santiago de Cuba

“Cuba’s second city is bordered by mountains and the sea. Visit at the end of July to take part in the annual carnival.”

Santiago is Cuba’s second largest City, second only to Havana in historical and cultural importance. In revolutionary terms, Santiago is where it all began and the Santiagueros are known for their hospitality but also their loyal support for Fidel Castro. Moncada Barracks is well worth a visit. This is where in 1953 Fidel Castro and a handful of rebels launched their first attack against President Batista. The barracks are now a school but there is an interesting museum there.

Calla Heredia runs east of the square and is the most amazing perfect colonial street. Most of the buildings are open to the public as art galleries and museums. The City is set at the foothills of the Sierra Maestra mountain range and the nearby Sierra Maestra National Park has a huge diversity of plant, wildlife and is great for bird watching.

Melia Santiago

Casa Granda