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Senda Monteverde Hotel

We understand. You want the best place to stay in Monteverde!
The best, luxury hotel. The most comfy hideaway to rest up for all the Monteverde Cloud Forest activities on your bucket list.
You want to zipline through the Cloud Forest where ziplining was born. Hike on hanging bridges to see tree-top wildlife found nowhere else in the world. Climb inside a majestic hollow tree that’s thousands of years old.
After all, you’ve only got a few days to spare. Every day counts.
Senda Monteverde Hotel in Monteverde, Costa Rica is the cozy mountain lodge you’ve been searching for.
You’ll find all the best essentials you’d expect from a five star luxury hotel. Enjoy easy access to every Monteverde adventure you can think of. Not to mention complimentary hiking access to the neighboring Aguti Wildlife Reserve, all year round.