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Txai Resort

Conceived with the philosophy of exclusiveness, well living and well hosting, the Txai Resorts hotels are located in places of rare scenic beauty with natural surroundings, ensuring ecological sustainability, responsible social development and respect for the culture and local community, always following the guiding principle of harmony between man and nature.

Each of our hotels is unique, but we share the same inspiration: the wish to take our guests to authentic places, tastes and experiences, showing the body and soul of each and every region in Brazil, combining maximum comfort with the luxury of simplicity- the sophistication of being basic, but at the same time cool – a lifestyle that enables each person to enjoy their own time with the coziness of our infrastructure.

Our properties are located in genuine sanctuaries of the Brazilian landscape. This is the reason why we have few bungalows and residences in each reserved area, as part of our commitment to have minimal impact on the environment. We offer high-quality services with maximum efficiency; we respect the privacy of our guests and offer each one a personalized experience.