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Iguazu Falls

“This is a must see place for the majority of visitors to Argentina and Brazil. The experience can be made extra special by avoiding the crowds!”

The Iguazu Falls are the most spectacular waterfalls in the world and acts as a natural border between Argentina and Brazil. On the Argentine side you are more within the falls and so close to the powerful water. There are several nature trails and the iron work walkways over the river and some falls are wonderful. You can easily spend a full day enjoying the numerous walkways. A really fabulous walk is the route that takes you across the upper river to the Devils Throat, where the water plunges 240ft.

It is also worth having a half day visit to the Brazil side of the falls, as from there you get the magnificent panoramic view of the falls. On the Brazil side there is only one walking route, so it gets busy. We recommend getting there for opening time, before the coaches arrive, before it gets too hot and most important before the sun comes around and inhibits the view.

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